What is Their Aim?
Operating independently to an extent, CITTgroups aim to monitor local and overseas technology, exchange individaul ideas and experiences, and often initiate and record practical trials designed to improve citrus yields and quality.  This information is passed on to growers, ensuring that they are up to date with the latest in information and technology from around the world.  It also offers growers the chance to get together with other citrus farmers to share their varied experience and knowledge.

CITTgroups were first introduced to citrus growers in Australia in the Riverland district of South Australia and have expanded throughout Australia with Regional Co-ordinators in all major citrus growing regions.  The basis of the groups is the interchange of ideas between growers to discuss production techniques, pest management control, marketing and other industry topics.  A self-help concept, CITTgroups have proven to be very effective in generating and disseminating information to small groups of growers.

How Are They Run?
Groups of growers meet informally on a regular basis on a different grower’s property or selected venues for field discussions or information technology presentations.  Workshops and Study Tours are also conducted as CITTgroup activities.

Sponsors and guest speakers are invited to contribute to the CITTgroups and pass on timely and up to date information.
Topics for CITTgroups are wide and varied and are dependent largely on the sponsor or guest speaker for the CITTgroup.

Topics previously discussed include:

  • irrigation techniques/drought workshops
  • disease & pest control
  • spraying & chemical control
  • pruning
  • irrigation
  • weed control
  • packing & transporting
  • soil checks
  • fertilizing
  • grafting
  • planting & transplanting
  • benchmarking
  • tours of other growing regions

How Can I Benefit?
By attending you local CITTgroups you can be assured that you are getting the latest in citrus industry technology.  These technques can assist you to grow the best possible product.  Improvements in you management practices, fruit quality and consistency will mean better returns in the long run.

Who Organises Them? 
The Murray Valley Regional CITTgroup Co-ordinator is in constant contact with the regions citrus growers and researchers, and is highly qualified to co-ordinate the transfer of the latest technology into practical solutions for growers.

Contact Details
Contact the Murray Valley Citrus Board CITTgroup Co-ordinator Mary Cannard on email or telephone 0427 211 890 for further information.

CITTgroups are funded through Murray Valley Citrus Board levies and Horticulture Australia Limited.  Murray Valley CITTgroups are supported by the Murray Valley Citrus Board and sponsored by agribusiness bodies.

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