Current Programs

The Board’s objectives are identified under the programs listed below.

We will assist growers to achieve profitable returns

1.1 Identify and implement the most appropriate, efficient and effective industry research and development processes

1.2 Provide relevant industry data and information to enhance better industry decision-making

1.3 Promote consumer awareness of citrus products  

1.4 Provide an excellent customer focus and effective two-way communication 

We will provide a leadership role in regional citrus biosecurity management

2.1 Maintain a Queensland Fruit Fly pest free area for Sunraysia 

2.2 Facilitate and support market development and maintenance 

We will provide regional citrus industry leadership 

3.1 Develop key strategic alliances and partnerships 

3.2 Build industry capacity 

We will be an efficient, accountable and professional organisation 

4.1 Maintain excellence in corporate governance 


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