The Murray Valley Citrus Board is a Statutory Body established by the Murray Valley Citrus Acts 1989 of Victoria and New South Wales.  In June 2004, the Board was reconstituted under the Agricultural Industry Development Act (1990) of Victoria.

Providing services to Murray Valley citrus growers to enhance productivity and profitability

Success in Citrus

*  Ethical, accountable and professional behaviour.
*  Cost efficient and effective services to growers and industry partners.
*  Leadership in market development, product development and change.
*  Partnership in the network of service providers to all sectors of the industry.
*  Cultivation of strategic partnerships.
*  Recognition of the need to be flexible in response to market opportunties.
*  Striving to understand and meet client needs.
*  Respects the value of our staff and rewards team performance.
*  Encouragement of environmental responsibility and sustainable production.
*  Support of safe food production.
*  Promotion of professional development of all Board members and staff.

Citrus in the Murray Valley
Citrus production in the Murray Valley stretches from the South Australian/Victorian border south east through the highly productive areas of Sunraysia, Mid Murray (Swan Hill) to the area surrounding Wangaratta.  Broadly speaking it covers the distance of more than 600 kilometres along the Murray River.  There are approximately 30 registered Approved Receivers (packers and processors), and a number of merchants in the Murray Valley area.  Merchants handling fresh citrus are predominantly located in the capital city markets whilst the packers and processors are generally located in the production area.

Location of the Murray Valley Citrus Board Area.

Murray Valley Citrus Board Area Map as at July 2012

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