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Fruit Maturity Testing
The MVCB offers a free fruit Maturity Testing service to growers in the Murray Valley area.  Growers/packers are urged to ring the office before bringing fruit in for testing to check on availability of staff time.  As part of the Maturity Testing service, the Board also offers free supply of N10 solution to those packing sheds conducting their own maturity tests.

Growers are invited to visit the Board office and browse the comprehensive list of publications available.  Some publications are not for loan, but growers are encouraged to utilize the reading area provided.  A number of free citrus fact sheets, meeting notes and notices are also available for growers.

List of publications available for reading in the Grower Reading Area.

Asia Fruit
American Food and Ag Exporter
Food and Pack
Good Fruit and Vegetables
AUF Fresh News
Australian Citrus News
Riverlink Newsletter
Fruit and Vegetables Markets
BIO Security
Irrigation Horticulture Mallee
National Market Place News
Food Partnerships in ASIA
AQIS Bulletin
Connecting Victoria

Citrus Growing Manual
The Citrus Growing Manual is based on information and advice from researchers, agriculture consultants, extension staff and successful citrus growers.  The manual aims to assist and provide knowledge and skills to Australian growers to satisfy quality and food safety specificatons for all local and export markets.  A recommended guide for all citrus growers.

Spray Diary 
The spray diary assists growers to maintain uniform and accurate spray records.  In fact most packing sheds require a copy of each grower’s spray diary.  These recording sheets are available free of charge from the Board’s office or may be downloaded by clicking on the link Spray Diary1 

Publications and Products for sale from the Board Office

Citrus Diseases & Defects Found in the Market Place
Citrus Growing Manual
Good Bug Book
Orchard Biosecurity Manual
Culture of Irrigated Citrus Fruits
Orchard & Vineyard Spraying Handbook
Citrus Physology Notes April 2003
Drip Irrigation Book 

Citrus Peeler
Cranston Gauge (sizing implement)
Citrus Sizing Rings
Phenolphthalein PH Indicator

For a full price list for all products and publications please contact the Board’s office on (03) 5051 0500.

Citrep Newsletter Advertising
                                                                       B&W            Colour
Full page 190 mm x 265 mm                               $275              $610
2/3 page (landscape) 190 mm x 175 mm              $200              $500
1/3 page (landscape) 190 mm x 85 mm                $110              $240
4/9 page (portrait only) 125 mm x 175 mm           $140              $310
2/9 page (portrait) 60 mm x 175 mm                    $ 70              $160
2/9 page (landscape) 125 mm x 85 mm                 $ 70              $160
1/9 page (portrait only) 60 mm x 85 mm               $ 35              $  80
Flyer                                                                                       $300

For further advertising information in the Citrep newsletter, please contact Deb Scott on (03) 5051 0500.

For a full price list for all products and publications click on the link MVCB Inventory Price List 2013

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