Water Issues

Water is a valuable and limited resource and its effective management is essential to ensure the well being of our horticultural industries, catchments and communities.

Governments and markets are demanding that growers use sustainable production methods, therefore the challenge for us all is to develop an environmentally and economically sustainable citrus industry by improving water use efficiency, controlling salinity and minimising the use of chemicals in the control of weeds and pests.

There has been a great deal of uncertainty created in irrigated agriculture with the passing of the Water Act 2007 and the formation of the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA).  The MDBA has been grantd the power and responsibility of developing the future water plans for the Murray Darling Basin.

The Murray Valley Citrus Board (MVCB) has been active in responding to various issues papers published by the MDBA and will continue to consult with the various agencies on behalf of citrus growers.  Within this section of the MVCB website you will find various publications that may be of interest in relation to water issues.

Useful Links
Further useful information on water can be found on the Murray Darling Basin Authority website, to view this website click here

Water Issues Documents
Drought Relief Services Guide 4
HAL Submission to MDBA on SDL 12-09
MDBA Sustainable Diversion Limits Issues Paper 11-09
MDBA-SDLs Summary of Submissions Received
Murray Valley Horticultural Alliance Response to MDBA April 2012
Murray Valley Horticultural Industries Response to MDBA SDL Issues Paper



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